String Quartet No.1 (2014), 7:20

Première in 2015-11-8 by the Valerius Ensemble, Muziekcentrum Enschede. In 2016, the 16th of May, it is performed by an ensemble of the Taurida Orchestra in the Mozart Halle, Hamburg, and the 17th of May in the Synagoge, Deventer, The Netherlands.

part 1: The electricity of love in New York

part 2: New life pops up everywhere in Beijing

part 3: Gravity keeps us together in Saint Petersburg

String Quartet No.2 (2017), 7:45

Try-out in 2017-5-12 by an ensemble of the Taurida Orchestra in the Deventer Schouwburg, The Netherlands.
part 1: The mountains rise out of the Earth
part 2: The ice on top melts and the water flows to the ocean
part 3: Founding Vancouver

The Opera “Ulrike Meinhof”

This opera, written for chamber orchestra (100 min.), from a libretto by Arnoud Kremers, is finished in 2009. A concert version of 35 minutes is performed in 2014-1-29 in the Small Philharmonic Hall, Saint Petersburg (Russia), by the Taurida Orchestra conducted by Mikhail Golikov, solist Mattanja van den Bos.

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