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Anna Backerra is a theoretical physicist and composer

After working for several years on the science staff at the Philips Research Laboratories, she began an independent theoretical study on quantum mechanics and complementarity. The results are described in six articles.

The last one is titled “The twin physics interpretation of gravitational waves” and published in Applied Physics Research; Vol. 10, No. 1; 2018.

Read the 6th article here

The fifth one is titled “The Connection between Gravity and Electricity According to Twin Physics and a Survey of the Results So Far, Including Neutron Decay” and published in Applied Physics Research; Vol. 8, No. 6; 2016

Read the 5th article here

In 2018, May 7-9, she was invited speaker at the EMN Dubrovnik Meeting (Energy-Materials-Nanotechnology), as well as in 2017, June 18-22, at the EMN Quantum Meeting in Vienna.

Nowadays she is applying twin physics to Nano-Technology and prepares to be invited speaker at the International Conference on Nano Technology and Nano Engineering in Paris, 2018, July 16-18.

The development of physics into music was inspired by writing the dreamlike novel Serpentines van Licht (‘Serpentines of Light’). She performed solo music theater with violin improvisations for children for five years.

Afterward she studied composition with David Rowland  at the Conservatory of Enschede (the Netherlands), took a summer course on Schönberg in Vienna with Allen Forte and rounded out her education with Boris Tischenko (St. Petersburg), formerly assistant to Shostakovich.

In 2009 she completed the opera Ulrike Meinhof, based on a libretto by Arnoud Kremers.
Listen here to the Overture, played by an ensemble of Taurida Orchestra from Saint Petersburg, conducted by Michail Golikov.

Listen here to a fragment of the opera Ulrike Meinhof

Also watch and listen to this YouTube video her 1st String Quartet played by the Taurida Orchestra Ensemble.

In April 2018 her collected and expanded scientific work is published by Lambert Academic Publishing under the title of: “Twin Physics, The Complementary Model of Phenomena”.

It is for sale via www.morebooks.shop.

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